I am a Colorado-based freelance graphic designer with an interest in untangling the underlying narrative presented by any design challenge.

Communicating a story is a designer’s most fundamental job and stories are central to who I am as a designer. My design work is informed by my study of literature, a vocation in history, and as an obsessive collector. My inspiration often comes from unexpected sources: an unusual arrangement of type on a page, a brilliantly crafted short story, or an oddity sitting on a flea market shelf. These seemingly disparate sources share a similar characteristic; they contain narratives just waiting to be unpacked. And, in small ways and in big, this is what I strive to accomplish through design: to reveal your story in smart and surprising ways.

I have a BFA in Communication Design (along with a BA in English) and experience designing for museums and galleries, as well as a range of business organizations and professionals.

… Melissa Brock